Tracking & Reporting
Your role would involve tracking the items listed by users in the Can Help section, and items requested by users in the Need Help section. You would help us identify and remove prohibited/ inappropriate items to keep our platform safe for all!
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Product Management
Your role would involve working directly with the Board on improving different sections of the website. You would dabble in design, user experience, technology, and marketing to improve our product strategy.
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Risk & Compliance
Your role would involve working towards maintaining legal compliance. You would provide insight on improving our Terms & Conditions, internal policies and serve as a liaison with our legal attorney
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Content Strategy (Website)
Your duties include producing and publishing content, writing, editing, and proof-reading, formulating content strategies, among other tasks.
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Content Strategy (Social Media)
You would be responsible for designing social media strategies to achieve marketing targets. Managing, creating, and publishing original, high-quality content on social platforms. Administering all company social media accounts to ensure up-to-date content
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Communication Design
You would be responsible for the design quality of all digital communication including but not limited to, social media, websites, mobile
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